Wear yourself or nothing,
it is the best style
"Your ultimate fashion statement".

Founded in February 2012 by Ngai Marnova, Marnova was born out of the love for fashion, years spent of understanding high quality workmanship, and high appreciation of premium exotic leather / skins of its founder.
Marnova is always about expressing yourself with the ultimate  fashion statement. And there is nothing more LOUD in making a statement aside from one’s shoes and bags. Thus, Marnova are not your typical ordinary kind of bags & shoes. Marnova offers premium exotic leather/ skins bags and shoes for modern women that will set them apart from the mass.
All products from Marnova are handmade with high quality workmanship in exotic leather / skins bags, clutches and shoes. Marnova at its best is specialized in exquisite material such as pony hair, calf hair, and python skin. See our python shoes and ponyhair shoes collection here
All reticulated python skin & crocodile skin used in Marnova are legally traded under CITES authority. CITES stands for Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild fauna and flora. The Washington Convention  (1973) on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild fauna and flora, more commonly known as CITES, aims to protect endangered species of fauna and flora by regulating and monitoring international trade in them. 169 countries of the world are currently part of CITES. The CITES Secretariat is administered by UNEP- the United Nations Environment Programme which is based in Geneva. 


A woman’s choice of fashion
is the true reflection of her
gorgeous soul
//Ngai Marnova
Founder & Creative director
1981 born Indonesian entrepreneur turned into fashion designer due to her love and high taste in fashion industry, especially bags. Marnova is passionate about fashion & in helping others to optimize their personal style & features with the right fashion statement.
She started in 2008 as a trader in python bags & shoes, and then made fashion consultant & partner under the fashion label of BL!NK.
In Feb 2012 Marnova started her new company with her own brand label MARNOVA. She wants to create and produce bags and shoes that are known as the ultimate fashion statement, NOT just accessories. She brings her own style, love, and knowledge of exotic skins into her line ups. Her style and collection are bold, modern & functional. The current lineups have different new materials and textures – combining material such as pony hair / calf hair alongside with python skin – which created playful, new exciting design that bring fresh air and distinguished color to the fashion industry. Her website,, known as a ladies shoes & bag online shop which using exotic skins in Asia.

//Vera Kelana Suherman
Production Head
1978 born Indonesian is the one that is responsible behind the high quality workmanship, also technical & production details at Marnova's workshop.

Mother of 3 daughters has started working in production line since 1995, focusing in shoes. Under her leadership with high precision and distinctive quality control, Marnova has the ability to produce up to extensive production quantity yet manage to have flexibility to carter special customized order for clients.